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What is Mesa Motorsports?

Mesa Motorsports is a Formula SAE team representing Colorado Mesa University. It is a team comprised of students, working together to build a fully functioning racecar to take to competition.

solidworks car

About Us

We are Mesa Motorsports. We are a group of mostly mechanical engineering majors at Colorado Mesa University working together to make a racecar. We are a hard working group of students that dedicate our time and efforts outside of class to do something more with the degrees we are working towards. Mesa Motorsports is ever growing, and we always welcome anyone who wants to join and participate. We are hoping to build a team that will become an integral part of CMU's engineering program, and become a name that is recognized at competition.


Mesa Motorsports was orginally a branch of CMU's engineering club. While it still technically is under that umbrella, it has branched off and become it's own club and title. Mesa Motorsports officially became what it is in 2014, with very few core members. It was a slower start without much resources, but time and dedication has built it up to what it is today. Every year, more students join the team and stay in the team. It has about doubled in size every year, sitting at about 20 active members, and the 2017 Fall semester will bring in even more.

The Competitions

Each year brings competition. There are two Formula SAE competitions, and Mesa Motorsports tries to compete in both if possible. The first is in Michigan, which is the largest. This competition draws teams from all over the world, and is highly competitive. The other competition is in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is still a high level of competition, but there is a much higher influx of US teams, as compared to Michigan which has many foreign teams competiting as well. You can read more about those here.

Brief Car Overview

Each season the team must design and construct a new open-wheeled, formula-style racecar from scratch. The car utilizes a tubular steel frame, independent double wishbone suspension, and four wheel disc brakes. A four-cylinder motorcycle engine is used with a chain-driven limited slip differential.

Car Specs

Here are the specifications of the 2016-2017 car that went to competition in Michigan in May of 2017. It is the most current car, and is being tested for design improvements on the 2017-2018 car.


Honda CBR600RR


Tubular Steel Spaceframe


SLA Pushrod


Stock ECM with DynoJet Ignition/Injection Controller



70hp @ 11,500rpm


40lb-ft @ 10,000rpm




70hp @ 11,500rpm

Sponsoship Levels

Mesa Motorsports will be proudly representing their sponsors at every competition, event, or just on their own social media sites. Sponsors are everything to the club, it's what makes Mesa Motorsports possible.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with questions, or just to say hello.